Frequently asked questions

Is CashBridge licensed by CBN?

Yes, we have a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria, with  RC number 1236888.

How many branches does CashBridge have?

We are committed to helping individuals achieve their dreams. We are not limited by physical office branches. This helps us to ensure high interest in savings and low transaction fees.

How safe is my money with CashBridge?

All our accounts have the same high-security level encryption used by regular banks. We also ensure the safety of your money by insuring every deposit and savings you make into Cashbridge account. 

Do you give loans or overdraft?

Yes, we give loans and overdraft. Apply for loan following through the app. The loans are disbursed few minutes in minutes after you applied. With overdraft, regular Cashbridge account usage confirms your overdraft eligibility.

How do I fund my CashBridge account?

Transfer money from any Nigerian bank with an App, or  through internet banking into your Cashbridge account. Alternatively, you can fund your Cashbridge account by adding your Nigerian debit card.


Why do you need my BVN?

With your BVN, we can match your details with your information on the CBN owned national BVN database. We are confidence nobody can pretend to be you.

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